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Tori's Story

My passion is public speaking, and more specifically debate.

When I was in eighth grade, I participated in my first mock trial. The experience taught me that evidence is a key component during a debate, but you also need to have the attention of your audience. One must possess both empathy and determination. I loved the experience, and began thinking about a career in law. I want to prove the innocence of those wrongfully accused as a means of helping those who don't have the opportunity to help themselves.

Attending The Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute will help me pursue my passion for mock trials and debate. It will provide me the opportunity to develop my public speaking skills, help me better manage my nerves while speaking, and help me plan out my arguments even before I began speaking. This program will each me how to function in a real-life trial. I would love to become a lawyer one day, and participating in this program will teach me the importance of hard work and determination.

A Note from Mrs. Wright, Tori's Teacher

Tori is a whip-smart student who needs to be challenged, both by inspiring teachers/mentors and by talented peers. She does best when she is in a room full of people who are excited to be focused on learning and doing. I believe that Tori would thrive in the environment that the Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute would provide. She wants to be held to high standards and to shine among peers who care about issues and others as much as she does.

Campaign Activity
Tori posted an update
July 5
My Experience at Yale University

I had the best time of my life!!!! Being able to learn about debates and present a speech and have fun at the same time was very enjoyable. While preparing for the debate it made me visualize what it would feel like to actually be doing this as an attorney. Although I was unfamiliar with the topic for debate, it taught me that I need to learn more and get out of my comfort zone.

Preparing for the speech was really hard. Although I knew what I was going to say, the challenge came when I found out that I had to do it without looking at notes. After hearing that information I got very scared but then I realized that I just have to learn the topic I selected and just talk to the audience like I'm having a normal conversation. This taught me a lot because this also got me out of my comfort zone because I am not used to giving speeches without the speech in front of me.

Another great part about this program is that I made many friends. Just getting to know new people that wanted to advance in public speaking made me feel more comfortable while doing the speech and debate. Quickly we formed bonds and became close to each other, my friends even taught me to play pool which is a very fun game. I would recommend this program to anyone because it was my best experience yet.

Tori posted an update
May 2
Pre-Attendance Update

Thanks to your generosity, I am thrilled to attend the Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute at Yale University this summer. This program is perfect for me because it will give me the opportunity to overcome my fear of public speaking. In school, there are fewer opportunities for me to practice public speaking so I am looking forward to getting to spend a week developing my skills. I believe that this program will help me learn how to be convincing and confident as a speaker, and help me understand how to debate effectively. This program will also let me speak to people who have this same passion about law, and get the advice from peers that are already experienced as public speakers. I chose this program because the skill of public speaking is necessary in order to be a lawyer. Attending this program will help me gain the skills of public speaking and also help me understand what it takes to be a effective lawyer.

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Good luck, Tori!! This opportunity will be so great for you :)

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April 10

So excited for all that you can accomplish, Tori. Let's do this! :)

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April 10

I want Tori to achieve her goals in life.

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April 7

Tori, you will be a great attorney. Your lovely email shows how articulate and persuasive you are!

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April 7
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I am so proud to support you in this! I wish I could do more! You are growing into an amazing leader and you inspire me!

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So very proud of you!!

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Good luck Tori & Emily!

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