Yamile has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, CT
Successfully funded on April 24th, 2017!
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Yamile's Story

My passion is Biology.

I discovered my passion for biology in 10th grade. When I was a little girl I always knew that I wanted to major in math or science. I didn't know what science I wanted to major in until I walked into my biology class. I was fascinated by my teacher's teaching style and the topics we went over in class (DNA, cancer, and other things). I always stay after school and draw DNA models on the board or ask Mrs. LeClair (my biology teacher) questions. Because biology and medicine/Healthcare/human anatomy are so closely tied, I fell in love with them all. I'm also trying to get into a PLE program for human anatomy. This opportunity will allow me go to hospitals and shadow/work and give talks to my classmates about certain topics.

A Note from Mrs. DiPace, Yamile's Teacher

I have had many students attend the UConn Pre-College Summer Program and recommended it to Yamile. She will be the first person in her family to attend college and she will LOVE the campus lifestyle. I truly believe that Yamile will be very successful at this program because of her maturity, self-sufficiency, friendliness, and hard work. Yamile has never been exposed to a college campus.

Campaign Activity
Yamile posted an update
May 4

I am going to be participating in the intro to human pathology workshop this summer at UConn. I am really excited to be joining the program because it will give me the opportunity to explore a different science I haven't been fully exposed to yet. I feel that in school, there aren't many opportunities to be exposed to different​ sciences so, for me, applying to programs like this or searching think online is the only way to do it. I think that this program will help me explore further into what going into a science field had to offer.

I am looking forward to working with other people my age and sharing the love we all have for science and advice with one another. I chose this program because I have loved science ever since the fifth grade, and I constantly think of little ways to improve my approach in the science field. I believe that participating in this program will help me decide what science i would like to major in and what i can and cannot do. So I can bring what I've learned and apply it I my everyday science school work and if I would to major in human pathology when I grow up or not.

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April 24
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March 27

I know you can do it yamile!

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March 23

I'm so proud of you, i love you !! Nana

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March 22

Continue reaching for the stars never give up on yourself and always believe in God love you

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March 22

Keep going forward never look back and remember your Creator
"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" Mathew 6:33

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March 22

Good job Yamile, I wish you the best.

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