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Erika's Story

My passion is helping others who are in need. When I am pursuing this passion I feel happiness because I am helping others. Also I feel motivation because in the future I want to travel to places to help people who are really in need and the ones that don't have many resources to survive.

I live in a place where there's a lot of violence in my neighborhood. There may be many people who are pessimistic because of the conditions in Richmond, but this is not the way I view this. Seeing and living in this reality has shaped my dreams by not bringing me down, and instead it actually makes me a stronger person and I feel more motivated in succeeding in life. When I think of all of this, it just makes me be a better person.

I want to attend the program Experiment In International Living because I want to learn about others cultures and experience other environments. Also I want to learn how to become responsible and experience how it feels like to be far from home.

A Note from Mr. Thapar, Erika's Teacher

I think Erika would benefit from the experience of adjusting to an atmosphere outside of Richmond and meeting new people from new places. She has had few such experiences and would undeniably grow both academically and interpersonally from this experience. She is a kind person and extremely disciplined, and I believe that learning in a new atmosphere would be of great value to her as she progresses to college. I think she has had a unique experience in Richmond, and I am certain that others in the program would benefit from her perspective, as well.

Campaign Activity
Erika posted an update
July 15
Excited to become independent and brave this summer!

When I think about about traveling internationally, I get very excited. This will be the first time I travel abroad. I will learn how to become more independent and responsible. Some of the goals I have set to my self are becoming more positive, more social, and independent. I am nervous to experience a new place and not being able to adapt to it. A challenge I will face during my program will be being far away from home and my family since I have never been apart from home. I will overcome this challenge by having a positive mindset and challenging myself into taking the path into becoming independent.

Erika posted an update
June 28
Thank you

Thank you very much for your generous donation given to me. Without your help I wouldn't have the opportunity to experience traveling to a new country for the first time. I appreciate the support that you have given me and others who don't have the sufficient resources to go to a country and experience a new environment. I am thankful for this opportunity given to me, your donation will help me become social with great people I haven’t met. You've helped me out enormously. Once again thank you so much!

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