Angelica has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Phillip and Sala Burton High School
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Angelica's Story

I've always wanted to be a cheerleader, and when I was younger I decided to push myself and tryout for it in high school. I actually made it to the team and learned many things about cheer. The most exciting part is when I cheer and support the other sports teams in my school. Seeing them happy makes me happy. When I am pursing this passion I feel like I am unstoppable and can take on any challenge.

A Note from Vicki Traverso, Angelica's Teacher

I see Angelica as a sponge wanting to soak up all the world has to offer. I know that with this program she will work hard to learn as much as possible. Cheer camp is an amazing experience. Because we are in San Francisco, the students tend to be sheltered. I know that sounds crazy, understanding that there is a lot to experience. However, it is so good to get these city kids out of the city and to meet students from other areas. Yes, she will learn new cheers, dances and stunts. But it is the skills that you might not think about that are the most important. For example, she will learn how to work as a team, not just within her own squad but with others at the camp. She will learn how to work under pressure with a limited amount of time. She will meet new people from different backgrounds and experience. This would be an amazing experience for her.

Campaign Activity
Angelica posted an update
June 20
Excited to improve my skills this summer

I am so thrilled about gaining new skills that can help me become a more experienced cheerleader this summer! I feel like going to this cheer camp will draw me closer to my teammates which is a good thing because what's a team without trust and communication? I am just so excited to continue my passion for cheer and to become a better cheerleader than I am today. I must say that I feel very blessed because of your donations, I can not thank you enough. You've helped me out a bunch! Thank you.

Angelica posted an update
June 15
Thank you

Thank you so much for the generous gift. I'm writing to let you know how much I appreciate your donation. I can`t ever explain how much this means to me. I have many hopes and dreams, and because of your donation they can someday become a reality. I get a chance to go to Cheer camp and become a better cheerleader. I hope I can someday help others like you have helped me to reach their own goals and dreams. I want to end this letter by thanking you again for your generosity and support.

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June 15
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