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Ugonna's Story

My passion is medicine.

I want to give back and help those in need. This stems from being a child from immigrant parents, and watching my father at work. He worked at a research facility in Nigeria when I was young, and before we moved to the states. The healthcare system is not very good there, and he often tells me stories about how he was unable to do more because of a lack in resources. I started realizing I could give back if I pursued a degree in medicine.

The NSLC Medicine and Healthcare program is a huge opportunity for me. It will give the unique opportunity of understanding more about the medical and science career field, and I will have the chance to ask questions to those working in their fields of study. Curiosity is essential within science, and this program will give us the space to express that. I hope to have a better understanding of what I want to study, and overall be more prepared for college.

A Note from Mr. Becker, Ugonna's Teacher

Ugonna loves and has a passion for science and learning. He has a spark that needs to burn higher than just at our school. The NSLC Medicine and Healthcare program would be a perfect opportunity for this scholar to excel. He is one of the kindest and most hard-working students at our school, and is always there to help others.

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May 5
The Warm Welcome

I am going to participate in the NSLC for Medicine and Healthcare at American University this summer. This program is going to be a very significant and worthwhile experience for me because I will get exposure to the plethora of jobs and positions that exist in the medical field. I believe that this program will help me decide which type of field in medicine I would be interested in and can make the world I live in a safer and healthier place. I am very excited to work with my colleagues my age to gain experience and surround myself with innovative ideas to better me in the future.

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