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Liberal Arts
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, CT
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Rachelle's Story

My passion is sports management.

I discovered my passion for sports management during my freshman year of high school. The assistant football coach asked me why I was at their practice and I said that I was waiting for my brother and he gave me the opportunity to manage the football team. For the past three years I have been the team manager. I enjoy preparing the water for the team and making sure they have what they need. By the preforming the duties of a manager, the players are closer to being successful Also, I love interacting with the players and growing close to them as the season goes on.

A Note from Mr. Oliver, Rachelle's Teacher

Rachelle is a good candidate for the Saint Rose Pre-College Summer Experience. Rachelle has served as the team manager for the Varsity football team since her freshman year. Rachelle loves being a part of a team and a team environment where everyone has a role and a part to play to produce a winning culture, and a positive climate. Because of her interest in sports management. This program would be a wonderful opportunity for her to get a better understanding of the logistics, effort and commitment that sports management entails before going off to college to pursue this as a career. This opportunity would give her a great foundation as well as experience in this field in order to apply it into practice and the classroom.

Campaign Activity
Rachelle posted an update
May 9
Saint Rose Pre-College Summer Experience

I am very excited to be attending the Saint Rose Pre-College Summer Experience. Being able to go to experience college life will help me greatly because I will be on my own. I won't have my friends and family around and that is preparing me for the real world. Also it forces me to be more social and make friends. I am looking forward to meeting new people my age and growing as an individual. I chose this program because it is close to home and it also allows me to experience things that I haven't had the chance to. I strongly believe that this program and experience will help me with my progress of figuring out where I want to go for college.

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April 12
Qadir Abdus-Salaam donated $196
April 12

Rachelle, I am so proud of you for making this decision to pursue your dreams. Keep Shining! Class of 2018!!

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April 11

Good Luck!

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April 7

You'll be great! All the best.

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April 7

Do big things in your life. You are one of my special girls.

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April 7

Take pictures and be happy!

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You're going to do great things!!!!!!

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You're going to do big things!!! Keep up the hard work and stay motivated.

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Rachelle - You will do great things in the world!

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