Glenda has applied to attend The Crucible Youth Summer Art Camps this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on May 3rd, 2018!
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Glenda's Story

My passion is drawing.

I enjoyed drawing and illustration when I was very young. When I draw I get lost in my own world, and I start making many different designs. Of course, as a. kid, I would be inspired by many artists/animators I'd see in Disney movies. When I started getting older, I got more exposed to artists I would find on the internet, and I started to figure out what I enjoyed creating the most, which were more freestyle drawings of my own. The older I got, the more I explored and experimented many different areas that surround art.

I enjoy figuring out and experimenting with new things and creating different designs with mediums I have never tried before. Attending Crucible Youth Summer Art Camp, I will be exposed to different areas and materials to create new things and will learn many ways to create and express my art through different mediums. I'm always ready to learn and fail during these times because I learn the most when it comes to these situations. This program will help me explore many other different areas in creating art and expressing myself.

A Note from Mr. Ruelas, Glenda's Mentor

Glenda is well known at our school for being an excellent illustrator, her skills are commonly seen in printed materials and logos for different clubs. From talking to her and listening to her plans after college it is obvious that she plans to pursue an art degree. She has the talent and desire to pursue a career in the arts. Glenda is both an excellent artist and a hardworking student. She is committed to her studies and wants to expand her skills beyond drawing. She is looking into other forms and mediums to create art, such as welding or sculpture. Crucible Youth Summer Art Camp will be amazing opportunity to expose Glenda to new art forms.

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April 23

May you enjoy your time and learn a lot!

Anita Phagan donated $200
April 23

Art is everywhere, and I hope you follow your passion!

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April 23

Good luck, hope you enjoy the program

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April 5
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