Nehemiah has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Wilby High School
Waterbury, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 26th, 2018!
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Nehemiah's Story

My passion for business began when I had a lemonade stand at the age of seven. My best friend and I, with the help of my grandmother, determine the price of the lemonade to be $.50. Little by little, we grew our stand to include water and snacks. At the end of the summer, we earned a lot of money and split the profit in half. Ever since having my own lemonade stand, I have had a strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur and build my own business one day.

My dream is to one day become an entrepreneur. Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program will provide me with experiences related to business that can help me become a better leader and teach me new things in business. I hope to learn more about how management and finance can work together to create a successful business. UConn Pre-College Summer Program will give me an opportunity to get one step closer to my dream of becoming independent entrepreneur.

A Note from Mrs. Carpenter, Nehemiah's Teacher

Nehemiah is an innovative thinker. As a student, I have seen her consistently strive to solve problems and succeed in all of her endeavors, even as those around her lack the motivation to do so. She does not let other students or events distract her from achieving her goals.

Nehemiah is a good candidate for the UConn Pre-College Summer Program because she is motivated and attentive. This program will be especially beneficial for her to gain knowledge about business ownership that she can use to attain her goal of becoming an entrepreneur. She will be sure to bring the knowledge gained from the program with her and apply it to her everyday life.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mrs. Carpenter helped Nehemiah raise $1,950
March 26
Davon Russ donated $50
March 26

This a great way for people to help reach there dream

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Julie and George Sorbie donated $500
March 26

We are so proud of you Nea. Love you Julie and George

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Chyann Higgs donated $100
March 24

My hope is that you get to do in life what you truly love!!!

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Jessica Little donated $50
March 23

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Kourtney Brown donated $50
March 23

Follow your dreams my love.

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University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $400
March 22
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March 22
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March 22
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February 2