Raheem has applied to attend Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Raheem's Story

I discovered my passion for basketball as an elementary school student. In those days, I would always want to play basketball all day, everyday. When I entered 6th grade, I started to take basketball more seriously and worked to take my game to the next level.

I know that by attending Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp I will be able to pursue my passion for basketball. Through this camp, I will strengthen my weaknesses and open my eyes to the game in a new, different way. I know this will be a great opportunity for me because I already work on my craft everyday and Chelsea Piers can help me turn me into something unstoppable.

A Note from Mr. Martinelli, Raheem's Mentor

Raheem's main passion is for basketball. Unfortunately, he is unable to play as much as he would like to due to the responsibilities he has at home. It is difficult for him to participate in a sport outside of school due to the late-night practices and weekend commitment. However, Raheem understands the importance of hard work and is driven to be successful in all that he does. Raheem is a hard-working athlete who is very coachable. He has never had the opportunity to attend any basketball-specific workouts or instruction outside of school. I believe he will learn a lot from the different coaches at Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp and be challenged by the different players there. Raheem is the type of athlete who will apply the skills he learns from his experiences to his own game and also share his knowledge with his teammates.

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Success! Mr. Martinelli helped Raheem raise $845
May 16
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