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Energy Tech High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2017!
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Lucinda's Story

My passion is architecture.

I remember when I was about seven-years-old, my father worked in construction. Just seeing him create something out of nothing was spectacular in my eyes. I got my inspiration by designing my own house. Now, I wonder how much inspiration I can give others by letting them feel the same feeling that I felt that day. That’s why I want to be an architect. To me an architect is not just a person that makes buildings, but also someone that influences others using one's imagination and creativity, the one that designs structures out of nothing but their own creative minds. To me an architect is someone that isn't afraid to take a risk in order to make people comfortable in their environment.

A Note from Mrs. Bartelucci, Lucinda's Teacher

Lucinda is very clear on what she likes and what her goals are. For a 9th grader, this is usually quite rare. In the beginning of the year she wrote a narrative about how she has changed already as a person and her commitment to excellence as she pursues her dreams. In addition to the books we read as a class, Lucinda is an avid reader and seeks out additional reading materials to supplement this love. During discussions she is strong in her opinions and has a sense of self-confidence that she admittedly used to struggle with. It is clear that once Lucinda has her mind set to something, even if it is self-improvement, she will meet and then supersede that goal.

Lucinda is a student who is always eager to learn more and to apply new skills. She is exceptional at understanding directives and moving her peers along to ensure group success. She is only limited by the opportunities presented to her and I am confident she will take full advantage of this one.

Campaign Activity
Lucinda posted an update
August 8
After attending my program

After attending my program, I am more prepared and independent. I had improved my ability to manage time effectively and complete tasks on time. I am more prepared to overcome challenges. I now have a specific career path in which to wish to pursue. I am more confident and curious about my career as an architect.

I could now improved my ability to adapt to new and different environments. I now wish to inspire others, to choose a career they want to follow. I want Wishbone to inspire and help others students apply to summer programs.

Lucinda posted an update
June 27
Pre-Attendance Update

I am going to be participating in the Architecture Design Studio this summer. I am really excited to be joining the program because it will give me the time to help others. I feel that in school, there aren't many opportunities to get creative, so, for me, the only way to do it is by out of school I think that this program will help me develop my ideas and learn about more opportunities.

I am looking forward to working with other people my age and sharing ideas and advice with one another. I chose this program because I have loved helping people at a young age, and I constantly think of ways how I should convey my ideas. I believe that participating in this program will help me decide on whether or not I want to major in Architecture when I grow up or not.

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May 8
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May 8
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May 6

Persue your dreams! Have a great summer!

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March 27
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February 1