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Science & Medicine
Everest Public High School
Redwood City, CA
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Chrisbeth's Story

My passion is medicine.

When I think of what I want to do in the future it has to do with helping kids. I want to help kids in a deeper way, and I think I can do that through medicine.

Attending the Stanford EXPLORE would help me gain more insight on the medical world. The program seems like a good fit for my interests and I hope to have better understanding for myself after the program. The courses are taught by instructors that are passionate about teaching and are experts on the subject. I’m sure that with their guidance and help I can get important information for the future.

A Note from Mr. Sussman, Chrisbeth's Mentor

"Chrisbeth is an outstanding student and human being, and qualifies for this program both in terms of her academics as well as her responsibility and integrity. As a straight A (or A+) student for her entire high school career, she will benefit from the Stanford EXPLORE in many ways. She will be exposed to the level of rigor of an extremely selective college, which will allow her to realistically plan for her college future. She will also be exposed to college-level academic material that will allow her to begin brainstorming ahead of time potential academic majors for her college career."

Campaign Activity
Chrisbeth posted an update
August 12
My experience at Stanford Explore

After attending 4 weeks at Stanford Explore I have a better understanding on the things I want to pursue and the things I do not. I now know for a fact that I will be studying something STEM related. Although, I have not figured out exactly what I want to study I know the possibilities are endless when going into a STEM related career. Especially if I go into medicine, I can do things like research, create products that will help others, be a physician and so many other things. It makes me very optimistic that I will find a passion within the medical field.

This experience has also taught me a lot about myself and in what ways I learn the best. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity and it has benefited me. One of my most memorable experiences was getting to visit an anatomy class where we were shown preserved legs, arms, livers, kidneys and a lot more. It was very surreal to see those things because I know that a lot of people my age do not get to experience those things. From that experience I learned that I want to take an anatomy class in the future and that is a step in the right direction. Before going into this program I had no idea what type of classes I wanted to take in the future and now I can name a few that I am interested in. Overall, I learned a lot and I cannot wait to further my knowledge now that this program has given me a basis on what I want to learn.

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