zoe has applied to attend Envision NYLF Law and CSI this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Uncommon Charter High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 11th, 2017!
Fully funded!
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zoe's Story

My passion is forensic science.

Forensic science has been my passion since I was young. I have always felt that the people who pursue this subject change the world we live in. I discovered forensic science through a girl in my church who was a forensic science major. She would tell me all sorts of things about it. For example, she explained how different chemicals can be used to help identify fingerprints and substances. She helped me understand what forensics is about and what it does for the world. I had more knowledge than a six year old would normally have and I want to learn more.

A Note from Ms. Leyva, zoe's Teacher

Zoe is a great candidate for Envision Envision NYLF Law and CSI because she's eager to learn more about what she hopes will be a future career. As her chemistry teacher, I see her working diligently every day in class, though it's sometimes hard for me to draw all of the connections between classroom activities and her future goals. This program would allow her to see how the knowledge and skills she's already cultivated will serve her well. Zoe is a great candidate for the program because she puts full effort into her class work and is eager for feedback to make sure she is practicing new skills correctly. She works well with others, and is a strong partner no matter where I place her in the classroom.

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Success! Ms. Leyva helped zoe raise $2,090
April 11
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April 11
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April 6

From Aunt Saundra and a few others keep up the hard work

Cheryl Lynch donated $50
March 28

Zoey, ever since I met you, I always knew you'd be a very smart kid, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your future endeavors, May God continue to richly bless you and your family, Love from Auntie Cheryl & Breanna.

Anonymous donated $5
March 26

Zoe, this sounds like a great summer experience to help you in your future endeavors. Have fun making new friends and connections that share your passion!

Melissa John donated $25
March 19

Best of luck with your studies Zoe

Anonymous donated $100
March 19
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March 19
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March 17

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
Maya Angelou

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March 17

Because it's what family do

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March 17

Go My Zo-Zo

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March 17
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March 16
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