Asfaw has applied to attend San Jose Area Writing Project Teen Institute this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Downtown College Preparatory Academy - Alum Rock
San Jose, CA
Successfully funded on April 22nd, 2017!
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Asfaw's Story

My passion is writing.

I developed my passion for writing and storytelling recently. I love to tell stories, and writing gives me a creative outlet to express myself. Attending the San Jose Area Writing Project Teen Institute, will give me the opportunity to develop my writing skills and I am excited to learn more.

A Note from Ms. Khalid, Asfaw's Teacher

Asfaw is exactly the type of student that Wishbone seeks. He has not led a life of privilege, and has had to do without the economic resources and socio-cultural capital of more affluent students. Despite the obstacles in his life, he is extremely resilient, focused and hard working. He does not let any of life's distractions interfere with his passion for education. He currently has straight A's, despite the fact that he is taking Junior level coursework.

Campaign Activity
Asfaw posted an update
August 8
My time at the San Jose Writing Project Insitute

My time at this program was amazing. I had met so many great new friends who all shared such wonderful passions. We had some great times hanging out during lunch and always came up with great ideas for a bunch of writing assignments. I managed to learn a lot about writing, especially dialogue and humor which was great. Spending time in this University was is an experience I'll never forget.

Asfaw posted an update
May 4
My anticipation for the San Jose Area Writing Project Teen Institute

I'm very happy that I got this opportunity to attend this program. I chose to attend this program to help me improve my writing skills. I want to be at a level that matches my expressive tone in real life. I'm looking forward to meeting people with that similar belief. I'm wondering about all the writing experiences that await me. I'm anticipating and preparing for this writing journey.

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April 22
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I'm excited for this opportunity for you, Asfaw!

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San Jose Area Writing Project
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March 28
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February 1