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Technology & Engineering
Skyline High School
Oakland, CA
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Anhar's Story

My passion is Programming.

When I was around 12 or 13, I thought hacking sounded so cool. So I literally Google searched everything from “how to become a hacker” to “how does hacking work?”. In the middle of my search, I realized that in order to be a good hacker you should be a good programmer! So my goal changed from wanting to become a hacker to being a programmer. Now I'm pretty sure you know where this is heading. I Googled “how to become a programmer” for hours. Now this time I found out there are different “computer languages” and each “computer language” is used for different things. For example, JavaScript is for making websites interactive while Java is for making games. When I was in 8th grade, I found this flyer titled “Girls Who Code”. I joined, and it ended up being pretty fun. It made me realize what true coding is. I became really excited to do this on my own so I asked for a laptop for my 14th birthday. Thankfully, I got it.

Currently, I'm trying to teach myself how to program and code. Unfortunately, I can't join Girls Who Code this year because of my tight schedule (JROTC, college track) so I don't have access to a real instructor anymore. I feel I learn best in a classroom environment so joining iD Tech Camp-SF Bay Area will help broaden my skills and be beneficial to my self learning. Sometimes when I'm trying to learn from the Internet I feel as though I'm missing the whole picture as to how programming really works. I'm also excited to meet other people with the same interest and learn from them!

A Note from Mr. fink, Anhar's Coach

In My class she follows through independently to meet all her commitments while following through on JROTC and College Track obligations. This is usually in spite of time and duty conflicts and transportation challenges.

She has to go to Library to download coding capabilities as she has no WiFi at home. This is also a huge challenge as transportation is an extreme challenge in he life in the intercity of Oakland.

She strives for the best, is a can do kid no matter what the challenges and is eager to learn.

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Best of luck, Anhar. I was Tech Director for a school district until I retired. I absolutely know what wonderful opportunities you will find in the area of technology!

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