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Liberal Arts
Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Farthuse's Story

My passion is biology. When I was in the fifth grade, I began learning about cells and human body systems. The teacher taught me how animal cells are different from plant cells and how the human body maintains homeostasis in various ways. My science teacher also explained how it was important for organisms to maintain homeostasis in order to survive. Ever since then, I knew that biology was in my life. I began to check out in depth textbooks about the human body and biochemistry at my library. By reading these books, I was able to retain more information than I once had. I also began to do experiments that helped develop my researching skills. My passion for biology allows me to have more confidence in my work as well as being able to connect with others that have the same interests as me. Being able to learn about biology always makes my day. Attending Summer@Brown will help me gain more knowledge as well as developing my skills as a biologist.

A Note from Mr. Healey, Farthuse's Teacher

Farthuse is truly one of the most gifted minds that I have seen in my four years of teaching and leading at Uncommon Prep. She is incredibly bright, hard-working, articulate, and will be an asset to Summer@Brown. She will bring with her a depth of knowledge and understanding that will certainly benefit everyone else around her. Farthuse has demonstrated a deep passion for biology from the start of her 9th grade year, and has taken multiple opportunities to follow up with her teacher for additional resources and opportunities to deepen her understanding of biological sciences.

Campaign Activity
Farthuse posted an update
July 24
My Experience At Brown

I FINALLY GOT TO VISIT BROWN!!! What can I say, it has been AMAZING. My professor was very informative, did not have a monotone as well as she was very funny and clumsy. My classmates and roommates were so nice and kind to me and to everyone else around them. I have made new friends from all over the world. My class was held in a lecture room and it felt so college like. The lectures were so fascinating and interesting and were similar to the type of lectures my school has. I was never discombobulated other than that one time when I had to look for the building my class was being held in. I am so grateful for this experience because I got to learn in a college environment. Even though the food was distasteful and there were bats in my dorm room, I will never forget my experience at Brown and I can't wait to write this in my college application in 3 years.

Farthuse posted an update
May 7
Going To Brown For The Summer!!

It's official. I'm going to attend Summer@Brown this summer thanks to your help. I'm so happy that I have this opportunity to pursue my passion for medicine and human anatomy at a prestigious university, Brown. I'm excited to see whats in store for me such as learning how to adapt to a college environment even if I am a sophomore in high school. Just the thought of building new relationships with professors as well as learning from them at one of my favorite colleges really makes it exhilarating for me to go. This program will help me to develop such skills that are necessary for me while I'm in college as well as finishing high school. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.

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Best of luck

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Hope you become the best doctor someday

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Good luck

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Always remember to try your best. Best of luck.

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Biology is a tough course. I hope you build a foundation in biology while attending this prestigious institution.

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March 17

Keep up the great work

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