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Business & Law
David Starr Jordan High School
Los Angeles, California
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Yuliana's Story

My passion is law. I discovered my passion through a show called "The Fosters," which was based on a couple who took in two foster children. They believed that the system was broken, leading to false accusations against innocent teenagers. Seeing these injustices inspired a passion within me to work within the field of law to fight against injustices like these. I also noticed how all these poor kids are sent to juvenile for a long time due to their bad records that are fallacious or made up based mostly or entirely on misinterpretations.

Attending Education Unlimited Mock Trial would provide me with an opportunity to explore my interest in the law. I want to know how to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

A Note from Ms. Cibulsky, Yuliana's Teacher

Yuliana is interested in mock trial because it could help her hone the skills that would one day benefit her in the field of law. She is a straight-A student who takes full advantage of all the resources available to her. Her primary focus is her education, which she prioritizes above all else. Although she is friendly with all her classmates and has a solid, healthy social group, she never puts anything before school; maintaining her grades and furthering her learning is the driving factor in her life. She has a goal and does--and will continue to do--whatever it takes to reach it. Although she already advocates for herself and her peers, I absolutely believe participating in Education Unlimited Mock Trial would help her overcome her shyness and strengthen her confidence and voice, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Campaign Activity
Yuliana posted an update
August 16

Good Afternoon, as previously said I thank you so very much for this amazing opportunity I received and took part of. I can’t find words to express my gratitude. This program helped me a lot in regards of sorting out my options: what interests me to major in. That being said, this gave me a new perspective of the field within law, it is not easy however it is not impossible. Through this program I learned several things. One thing that was important is the importantance of excuses. The first two days were overwhelming honestly, however, I kept making up excuses. Excuses that stopped me from being me and showing my capabilities. It was until I stopped and said, “you know what, I’m smart and I have the potential to do this just like everyone else in my class”. So I began reading all the paper work and made sure I understood. Mock Trial was a great experience for me and I can assure you that my communicating skills improved as well as insight on law. Now I know that law is a major I am passionate about. Thank you so much.

Yuliana posted an update
May 15
Thank you for your donation.

I am writing to thank you for providing me with this exciting opportunity to attend this Mock Trial Program. I’d like to thank you once again because not only am I enthusiastic about attending the program, but also about being present for a week in my dream college. I was thrilled to have been chosen as one of this summer’s participants. I am eagerly looking forward to gaining new skills and significant insights into all roles played within Mock Trial and learning more about law.

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