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Samantha's Story

Creative writing has been Samantha’s greatest passion for years. Now she has the chance to take her fiction writing to new heights with Ithaca College’s Short Story workshop.

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Samantha posted an update
January 2
Creative Writing at Ithaca College

My experience at Ithaca College was amazing! I met a lot of great, new friends and my teacher was simply the best. In my creative writing class, we worked on creating new ideas and learned new ways to be inspired and creative. I personally learned new methods of writing, such as writing from different points of view and how to be successful in keeping the audience engaged. I was taught how to change up my writing styles to add variety to my work. Not only was it an amazing class, the after-class activities were the best. We played many sports and games to get to know each other, but also had down time for ourselves. The campus was beautiful and easy to get around. I am very thankful for this opportunity and for the friends I made and the skills I've obtained from my class. Thank you for helping me attend this program!

Success! Samantha's campaign raised $830
May 7
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May 7
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June 28

Much good luck in achieving your first dream - keep writing no matter what!

Emily Brochin donated $25
May 1

From one writer to another--so excited for you to have this experience. No matter what happens going forward--the connection you have when you sit down and concentrate on the story forming inside your head is a really special gift that can never be taken away, only developed further!

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April 23
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