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Science & Medicine
New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science IV
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on March 30th, 2018!
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Tyrone's Story

My passion for coding began when I was 11. I had no idea what it was or what to use it for. The only thing I knew was that the idols I looked up to - Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates all worked in the field. They all credit coding with propelling them forward and helping them reach their dreams, inspiring me to follow in their footsteps by learning as much as I can about technology.

My original interest in coding was sparked by exploring the simplest features of my computer. I like 'right-clicking' on all different parts of my computer to inspect different elements to better understand the purpose of each code. I soon learned how to change the name of things temporarily and from trial and error, my skills began to improve on my own basic coding. Eventually, I discovered Khan Academy and my coding skills really developed. Coding is my new favorite hobby and I'll spend hours creating things from my imagination, which is why the opportunity to learn from professors at Cooper Union Summer STEM Program is so exciting.

A Note from Mr. Romney, Tyrone's Mentor

Tyrone is an amazing student and a good person. He is full of insight, interest, and aptitude to be successful in anything he applies himself to, especially the Cooper Union Summer STEM Program. He has a ton of mental and physical energy and will channel it into being the most productive learner you will ever meet. He follows through on his tasks, he asks thoughtful questions, and most importantly he is HUNGRY for knowledge and the ability to create.

Tyrone is very passionate about the world and his ability to shape it. He is inquisitive, smart, loves to deconstruct an idea and thing in an effort to figure out why it works the way it does. Tyrone's active mind is beautiful to behold. Despite his limited resources, he teaches himself online, and he makes friends with students and adults that share his passion so he can learn from them as well. Coding and programming are the things Tyrone is very passionate about.

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Tyrone posted an update
May 29
Thank you for your support!

To keep my gratitude short, I’d like to start out by thanking Mr. Romney, my Vice Principal, for introducing me to Wishbone, and for giving me the opportunity to participate in it. I am extremely excited to see what I can accomplish at my program this summer by doing my due diligence. Thank you all for helping me attend my summer program, I am really looking forward to attending!

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March 30
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March 30

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March 29
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March 29
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