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Leilany's Story

My passion is law. I have explored different careers, but growing up in the neighborhood I live in, I have witnessed youth struggle in life because of the court system, which made me more passionate about becoming a lawyer. This further reinforced my desire to help families stay together and help kids and youth move forward.

By attending Education Unlimited Mock Trial, I would like to learn more about the laws and practices of the judicial branch. I have seen the incarceration process and how unfair it is, so I want to provide legal aid service to people who can not afford it. Attending this program would help me reach that goal. Also, it would teach me to have effective communication skills so that I will be able to manage a case. This would help me prevent unjust trials in under-served communities that I would be serving in the future. Moreover, this program will help me understand different roles in court and will help me gain hands-on experience and knowledge that I can apply in law school later on in life.

A Note from Ms. Ramirez, Leilany's Mentor

This opportunity is huge for Leilany. She is incredibly excited for this experience at Education Unlimited Mock Trial to strengthen her knowledge of becoming a lawyer. She is eager to learn and take in all this program has to offer. Leilany will also bring a great energy to the program as she is willing to step up and participate as well as encourage others to participate. She does a great job of including everyone and ensures everyone feels welcome. Leilany has signed up to take a college class in criminal justice to learn more about the law and how it is applied. She is taking this class on top of her regular course load because she is so passionate about learning and gaining as many experiences as possible that will prepare her to become a lawyer.

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