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Science & Medicine
East Palo Alto Academy
East Palo Alto, CA
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Miriam's Story

My passion is medicine.

It was not until my first year of high school when I discovered the world of medicine. Unlike many other students who find their passion for medicine in certain ways, I discovered my passion through a TV show. Although it is just a show, it made me wonder how many people I can help by becoming a doctor. I did a lot of research on how the medical field looks like. I found myself falling in love with the thought of enjoying my passion while helping people through my future career.

A Note from Ms. Escalante, Miriam's Mentor

Miriam is an exceptional candidate for the Stanford EXPLORE due to her willingness to learn from new experiences. Miriam is one of the few students who is open to exploring the world around her to help her grow mentally and emotionally. Her participation in this program will benefit her worldview in lasting ways.

Campaign Activity
Miriam posted an update
July 21

From the time I started attending this program to the very end, I obtained so much information and knowledge. Attending this first week of the Stanford EXPLORE Lecture Series with students with similar interests as me gave me the reassurance and support I needed to succeed. The school I currently attend has students with different interests from my own, making it hard to relate to one another. It was amazing being surrounded by people who enjoy what I enjoy. This program in particular gave me an insight on how college lectures will be like, and gave me more motivation to keep working hard and achieve my goals in life. I am very grateful and thankful for being able to attend this summer program.

Miriam posted an update
May 9
Current Update

This summer I will be attending the Stanford EXPLORE Lecture Series. I am very excited to be able to take full advantage of this incredible opportunity. Growing up resources and opportunities were always limited, so having the opportunity to attend the EXPLORE Lecture Series is unimaginable. This program will definitely influence my career path into the medical field.
I have never been immersed in a club or program that is all about my passion. In this case, it will be a great learning experience being around students my age with similar interests in medicine. Personally, I am surrounded by students with very different interest which is why I am thrilled to participate in the EXPLORE Lecture Series this summer.

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April 4
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