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Technology & Engineering
Energy Tech High School
New York City, New York
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Theodore's Story

I discovered my passion for coding in the seventh grade. At first, it was only meant to enable me to write/analyze games. As I learned more and more, I realized that the world of computer programming is actually very vast. From operating systems to games to everyday applications that we take for granted, I learned how much technology touches. After this, I broadened my horizons and aimed to learn how to apply programming strategies to games and even robotics. At school I learned Java and C++ and was able to write programs for fun. It may seem short but this is how I discovered my passion for programming and I am going to take it very seriously.

A Note from Mr. Anastas, Theodore's Teacher

Theodore is a student that takes advantage of any opportunity that arises. He is a dedicated member of the school's Robotics Club. The Club is a great resource that brings the talents of these like-minded students together to compete in citywide competitions. He brings his knowledge of coding, design, and passion for STEM, science, and mathematics to the club on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Theodore makes the most of his time, and often stays late at school and comes in on weekends to work towards the goals of the Club.

Theodore throws himself into everything he does full tilt. He doesn't hold back when participating in class, but also listens well to instructions and his peers before interjecting. Theodore is very driven and committed but he also doesn't take himself too seriously. He works really hard and is committed to the school, and pursues his academics, not accepting anything below perfection. He will learn a lot of new skills and be exposed to new programming abilities and software this summer at iD Tech Camp.

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We’re proud of all your hard work! Keep it up! Paul & Helen

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