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Everest Public High School
Redwood City, CA
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Koby's Story

My passion is art.

In my elementary school, we had a class-period called "Art in Action" where the whole class was given art lessons by a student’s mother. I remember adoring the class and feeling as if art was the only “subject” that I was good at. I enjoyed creating art for the reason that I was able to put my imagination into reality. My work was never completed until I was proud of it. This mindset has affected my school work: I never turn in my work until I’m proud of it.

In high school, I’ve joined an architecture class, a filming class, and a fashion class. Through all of my experiences, I've learned that I enjoy creating work with my own hands because I'm the one putting in work and creating what's in my mind. Art does not define your intelligence because there is no right or wrong. That is how art became my passion.

Attending Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience will help me develop my passion for art and visualize the life of a college student. The program will also help me clarify where I stand in art. Or in other words, my future career.

A Note from Ms. Lee, Koby's Mentor

"Koby is an incredibly dedicated student. Of my group of seventeen mentees, I have seen the most growth in Koby's academic habits. It is through his persistence and positive attitude that he has found success at a rigorous, college-preparatory high school.

Koby would make an excellent participant in the Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience. It is through art that I have seen Koby come alive. While he has had the opportunity to explore this passion through some class projects and a few elective courses in high school, the Art Experience would provide him with a much-needed cohesive learning experience. Koby is the type of student who is a perfectionist. He is 100% capable of excelling, but sometimes lacks the confidence. Leaving this program with an art portfolio would greatly boost Koby's confidence and fuel his passion to continue to find ways to pursue art."

Campaign Activity
Koby posted an update
August 17
Ending My Summer at the Academy Of Arts University.

I attended the Academy of Art University for the summer of 2015, and I've got to admit, attending this program has brought me a lot of learning experiences that I thought I would never have. To start off my day, I had to wake up early morning to catch the train so that I arrived at my destination, which was San Francisco. Traveling through the different cities and meeting new people was one of the best feelings ever. Simply socializing with the people who are around you, while you wait your stop, can bring such a joyful outcome. Especially saying "thank you" to conductors, it really puts a smile on their faces.

From the train station, I had to walk two blocks in order to arrive at the Academy of Art University building. The architecture in the building was beautiful: open wide and very office-like. During our first sessions in the Interior/Architecture class, the professor assigned us mini projects that involved a lot of cutting. Cutting different sizes of boards. The reason for this was so that each student had the skill of cutting each piece of board at an even and perfect size. Which then lead to us creating mini objects, such as cubes, and later on: walls with columns, windows, doors, couches/sofas, chairs, and bookshelves. I learned that architects and interior designers use floor plans but also 3D models to visualize what their final product will look like for their clients.

From this class, I took a bus which brought me to another bus stop. During the way, I met two and a half friends. We talked about our classes, concerts/music, and fashion. I mentioned how I won tickets from a radio station to see the 1975 and learned about the crazy restrictions some parents have on their children. We took another bus which lead to my second class's building: the fashion class. Walking in the building seem a bit odd because it seemed as if I were walking in a ballet room but that was just the architecture from the building.

During our first week in the Fashion Construction class, the teacher introduced us with a small field trip. We ended up taking a bus that drove around San Francisco and arrived at a "small" thrift shop store but with fabrics. Everything was just fabric. We ended up picking up fabrics that we wanted for the design of our projects, a messenger bag, and a based-on look squiggle top. I did not know that looking, picking, feeling and purchasing fabric would be much fun; It has brought a lot of excitement and hopefully I go again. From there, we began cutting the fabric that we picked and sewed it all up. I was finally able to learn how designers use hot irons in their fabric and how they sew clothes.

Ending my day, instead of taking a bus as my transportation, I walked all the way back to the train station but the best part was that I was able to explore the city and since my classes ended with fashion, I'd go to the mall, which was by my route, and looked at clothes at a different perspective. Afterwards, I'd walk back to the train station. Wait for my train and rest during the way back.

This summer has been a journey that I've never experienced. Truly, I never would have been able to attend a program like this without the help from Wishbone and of course, the donors. So, I'd like to say thank you so much. Nothing will ever repay you for this. I'm glad knowing that there are people in this world who care, value others, and have a tendency to help those who need that extra lift to succeed and achieve their goals. Thank you for a great summer and lifetime experience.

Koby posted an update
June 25
My Life Before Academy Of Art University

This year, I've learned that I like being an independent person because It makes me realize the great achievements I can accomplish. But for this summer, I have to be much more independent because I'm no longer going to be in school. I'll be taking a bus and a train as my transportation to my summer program. I have to admit, I'm kind of nervous to set myself in the "real" world. However, I'm excited to experience this journey. I'll be taking Interior and Fashion Design Classes which seem thrilling because they'll help me realize my future career. Thank you Wishbone for giving me this opportunity.

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