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Fine Arts
High School in the Community Academy for Law and Social Justice
New Haven, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 28th, 2018!
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Samantha's Story

My passion is self-expression. When I was in fourth grade, I had a counselor who impacted me in a different way. She cared about me and all of the students who saw her and always tried to help me in every way possible. Her office was a safe place for me to go and think or take some time to myself when needed. She was a big role model for me and as a result of this experience I want to have that impact on others. Whenever I would use the skills I learned from my counselor to help others, I would get a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I've been interested in psychology and have gotten some broad knowledge by participating in different after school programs when available in this field that I want to continue to explore.

Attending Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art would help me pursue my passion about psychology by helping me learn to use art as a form of self-expression and counseling. This program would help me get into an analyzing, thoughtful mindset. In order for me to be successful as a psychologist, I would need to have a large view on different perspectives and use this knowledge to help others like my counselor did to me. I also want to surround myself with students who have the same passion and learn from them.

A Note from Mrs. Diaz, Samantha's Counselor

Samantha is a great student with great work ethic. She is a student who works hard and tries to enrich herself by participating in many extra curricular activities. I have provided her with bus passes so that she can transport herself to the places she wants to be. For example, Samantha has been part of several workshops about empowering young females and she completed this workshop after 6 weeks and did it by taking a city bus and walking few miles if she had to after school. Samantha is consistent and wants to do well for herself to reach her goals.

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