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Technology & Engineering
Uncommon Leadership Charter High School
Brooklyn, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Kamar's Story

My passion is math. When I first started doing math, it automatically came easy to me. I quickly began to love it. As I got older, math began to become more challenging which just got me more interested and curious. I love to challenge myself when it comes to math. I would repeatedly ask my 9th grade teacher for more difficult work. Whenever I get stuck on a homework problem and am able to answer it on my own, I felt as if I was the smartest person there could be. I want to keep challenging myself in order to obtain more skill on the subject. I want to continue to grow in order to set myself up for success for my future. I want to have a job that relates to math like being a engineer, and as time goes on I will decide what specific field of engineering I want to work in.

Attending iD Tech Camp will keep me on the top of my game. I want to get as far as I possibly can in math. This program will provide me with new information on a different field of math and help me get a new and better way of understanding the type of math I have already learned. It will provide me with the challenges I've been asking for.

A Note from Mr. Jackson, Kamar's Teacher

Kamar indeed has a passion for math. Kamar's ability to take the direct instruction and independently dive deeper into the content is what sets him apart from other students in his similar achievement interval. Because Kamar has shown himself to be a student who takes initiative, can perform at a higher level and will seek opportunities for growth on his own, I think he'd be an excellent candidate for iD Tech Camps New York. As a society, most Americans hate math. To see a student that not only seeks to be a stronger math student but also expresses enjoying math is refreshing and exciting. I'd like to see his excitement and interest affirmed through an opportunity such as this. He'd be a rich addition to the program.

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Good luck, Kamar! can't wait to hear all about this incredible opportunity!

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