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Everest Public High School
Redwood City, CA
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Carlos's Story

My passion is soccer.

Everyone in my family loves soccer, it is in our blood. At the age of five, my mom signed me up for a soccer team at a church. We started winning a lot of games. Every time we lost, I played harder the next game and made a lot of goals so that we could win and be closer to winning the season. That mindset helped me become who I am now. Recently, I had surgery on my right knee. After that surgery, my mom and grandma wanted me to stop playing soccer because they thought I will get hurt even worse next time, but you can't stop someone from doing something they love.

Attending Nike Soccer Camp will absolutely help me explore my passion by learning new skills and learning new mindsets when I am playing in the pitch. It will give me more knowledge about how real coaches in the professional league train and also their thoughts about how soccer should be played. Having this opportunity is a great way to have a better chance of getting scouted and becoming a professional soccer player.

A Note from Ms. Kwan, Carlos's Mentor

"Carlos is an excellent candidate for Nike Soccer Camp because playing for a Division I soccer team is his life dream. While he may not demonstrate the highest level of achievement in all aspects of his life, he has demonstrated a commitment to soccer and it is this passion that has actually helped him learn how to be diligent and persistent in other areas of his life, like academics. Over the past two years, Carlos has grown tremendously as a student in regards to his level of responsibility, accountability, and determination. He sees a bigger picture and is willing to put in hard work to get the outcomes that he wants. He would surely demonstrate the utmost level of responsibility and commitment if he was fortunate enough to receive this opportunity."

Campaign Activity
Carlos posted an update
September 1
Nike Soccer Program

Throughout the the 4 day course of being in the Nike Soccer Program at UC Berkeley it was very exciting. The first day I arrived at the campus it was very packed with many guys with different ages. As soon as I got my room we directly went to a meeting and started talking about who was our coaches. Right after that we went straight to the stadium of Berkeley. It was a very long walk from where we were and where we were going to practice. As soon as we got to the field, we started doing drills and working on our tactical abilities. It was just a fun experience that evening.

Later that night we were going to start playing soccer games and have little tournaments and find out who was the best. As soon as that ended we directly went back to our dorms so that we can take a shower and fall asleep because every morning we had to wake up at 7 so that we can get breakfast at 7:45. The second days was a lot of fun because we had our first three sessions practicing with the coaches. It was very interesting the way the taught us and the skills that they were improving on us. We always had breakfast first then after that we had our first session. Right we were done with that session we had our lunch. After lunch we had our second session and as soon as we finished that we had our dinner. After dinner we then had our last session which was personally my favorite ones out of the three of them. We had that schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday. Our last day was on Thursday. That last day we just played soccer games the whole day till noon.

Each day was just interesting and fun. Getting to learn different techniques and just having fun was just an amazing experience.

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