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Leadership Public Schools - Hayward
Hayward, CA
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Monserrath's Story

My passion is business and law.

For me, being able to help others gain full rights in America is very important. I believe the subjects of business and law will give me an opportunity to give Hispanic people the help they need to live in America with full rights.

Attending A+ Summer Leadership will develop my skills in law, and it will help me be able to grasp the true meaning of debate. This is an opportunity that will not only encourage me to help others stand up for their rights, but will allow me to be a good role model for the younger generation in my family.

A Note from Ms. Peterson, Monserrath's Mentor

"What stands out most about Monserrath is her persistence in voicing her truth, no matter how difficult. Her willingness to speak with authenticity and vulnerability provide a model for others who are afraid to reveal themselves. Monserrath is unwavering in her capacity to step up and give voice to the difficult things that so many of our students are coping with. She is a true leader and inspiration to her peers.

Monserrath has a fierce passion for social and racial justice, and she brings a vital perspective to any collegiate or intellectual community. She does not shy away from offering her perspective or asking insightful questions, always with a demeanor that inspires respect and admiration."

Campaign Activity
Monserrath posted an update
August 17
An unforgettable experience!

Education Unlimited's A+ Leadership Program was an absolute blast! At this program we were pushed to step out of our comfort zone and socialize with great people! We played games that tested our leadership skills and made great friends while at it! Along with physically testing our leadership, we discussed the different types of leaders, and how we can embrace our unique leadership style. Throughout the program, we focused on entrepreneurship and public speaking. Both are subjects that built our presenting skills and allowed us to embrace and endure our greatest ideas! In our entrepreneurial class we discussed how starting a new business really works and were put into groups based on common interests. We were told to focus on releasing a unique product of our choice. Throughout the brainstorming process, we learned how to communicate and compromise with all of our group members' ideas. When our big presentation finally arrived, we used our tone of voice, hand gestures, and facial expressions to persuade our audience into thinking our product is very convenient to them. Overall, this program was very beneficial to me, because I built many different skills! This program was absolutely amazing! I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who made this wonderful, unforgettable experience possible!

My presentation group and I, presenting our project on our Emergency Vehicle Radar. (I'm the one in the middle)
My presentation group and I, presenting our project on our Emergency Vehicle Radar. (I'm the one in the middle)
Playing glow in the dark football after a long day!
Playing glow in the dark football after a long day!
Monserrath posted an update
June 25
A step towards pursuing a successful future!

My first year in high school opened my eyes to a new way of living. I gained leadership, grit, and a positive mindset this school year. This summer, I will be attending the A+ Leadership Summer Program at Stanford University. This program approaches students who have built leadership skills and are taking control of their academic careers. This program builds speaking, problem solving, and communication skills. I have always been a shy student, so I am very excited to be attending a program that pushes me to step out of my shell. Building public speaking experience is an eternal gift that will benefit me throughout my whole life. This summer program is my first step to pursuing the successful future I am striving for. I am so grateful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend the A+ Leadership Summer Program at Stanford.

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June 15
Anonymous donated $1,025
June 15
Laurie Ellis donated $25
June 4

Monse is a great student and I have so much respect for her work ethic and enthusiasm for learning!

Anonymous donated $25
June 3

Monse, you have done so much as a freshman. You are always willing to give your time to others through volunteering. You take initiative when you are given a leadership role. You make things happen! I am so excited to see you grow as a person and a leader! I hope this little bit helps!

Diana Goldberg donated $25
June 3

Monse is a brilliant young woman who excels in everything she does. She brings a full heart into all that she does and is truly a woman who will shine brightly in whatever field she enters.

Diana Curiel donated $100
May 25

Hello Monserrrath: Good luck in the pursuit of your dreams to become educated in business and law, and to help your community. I admire your goals and hope you are able to attend the summer program.

Paul Thomas donated $25
May 22

Best wishes. I wish I could donate more as you deserve to go.

Roy Hagar donated $10
May 15

You go, girl!!

Cherie Johnson donated $100
May 15

I'm so glad you reached out to me! I'm glad to hear that you're doing well. I donated because I believe in you-keep pushin!

Anonymous donated $200
May 13
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May 13
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December 13

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May 13
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December 8