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Fine Arts
Richmond High School
Richmond, CA
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karina's Story

My passion is cooking.

I discovered cooking as my passion when I was very young. I would love to hang around my mom as she cooked, watching every step she took. I would like to play with my sister and act as if I were the cook or the "mom" making us dinner. I think what really caught my attention was that I could take recipes and make them my own by changing it up. I also discovered this passion when I was younger because I would love to watch cooking shows and I imagined that was me.

I believe that attending Cook Culinary Camps will help me explore my passion because it will give me a better idea if this is the career path I am serious about. It also will help me decide if I want continue on and keep doing cooking in the future. I think attending will also help me learn new things that I don't already know about cooking. I could learn recipes, or maybe I can even learn about some cooking supplies that I never knew about. I feel like I could learn a lot of things that will help me out, and learn about stuff that I never knew about.

A Note from Mrs. Blackwell, karina's Mentor

Karina is an excellent student with a variety of passions. Cooking is one of those passions because she spends much of her time helping her parents around the house and taking care of her younger siblings. She wants to pursue this option as a possible future career and also learn life skills while taking the classes. Karina lives in Richmond, CA and goes to Richmond High School. There are not a lot of opportunities for enrichment in this high school. Almost half of the students don't graduate from high school. Karina is the exception to her school population. She excels in her academic classes and has always maintained good grades. She studies hard every night after taking care of her family's needs so that she can maintain a GPA of over 3.5.

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