Makayla has applied to attend NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
CREC Metropolitan Learning Center
Bloomfield, CT
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2017!
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Makayla's Story

When I was younger, I noticed that I had a keen sense of what was going on internally for my friends. They didn't always saw how they felt, but I would notice the changes in body behavior and attitude. This became more than a hobby when my best friend became the victim of ongoing bullying at school. I had to be a support system and a mediator for the first time. This experience opened my eyes to how different experiences can change a persons view and affect their lives physically, mentally, and developmentally. I wanted to learn more about how our psychological well-being is multifaceted, and how our environment relates to our mental state.

The NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience program will give me a better insight with hands-on experiences, simulations and educational activities that are provided. I would hope to get a better understanding on what environments can hurt a persons mental well being and understand how to diagnose a problem within an individual. I will build a professional vocabulary that real working doctors use to communicate, and will network with students who share my passion. More than anything, this program will jump start my future and I will leave knowing how to pursue a career within this field.

A Note from Mrs. Bewry, Makayla's Mentor

Makayla has always displayed an interest in helping people of all ages and backgrounds. I have seen her mentor many of her peers as she displays a genuine interest in impacting their well being. I believe Makayla will benefit from participating in the NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience program as this opportunity would give her a better understanding of the factors that impact individuals' thought processes, behaviors, and functioning. She has a passion for this field and will do her best to advance herself.

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