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Liberal Arts
Life Academy High School Oakland
Oakland, CA
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Marwat's Story

My passion is public health.

I developed my passion when my little brother and I were infected with ringworm in Yemen and were hospitalized. This experience made me realize that Yemen’s hospitals were not providing quality care to those who need it. I came back to the U.S with a passion to return to my home country and change the healthcare system. In my sophomore year, I participated in "Sophomore Defense," where I was assigned to act as a Public Health educator and choose a strategy that would work best for combatting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Botswana. Through this program, I've realized that I love the work of a Public Health Educator and hope to major in Public Health in the future.

Because I have decided to pursue my dream of working in public health, I know I will face many obstacles. In the Yemeni community, pursuing an education is difficult due to the strong judgement towards educated Yemeni girls. I am also discouraged by the fact that I am a low-income student in Oakland and don't have the luxury of attending conferences, workshops, or programs for aspiring students who want to work in medicine. Attending the Academic Talent Development Program will even the playing field between myself and students who can afford expensive medical based programs. I will also have the opportunity to study under professors and researchers at one of the leading research universities in the world.

A Note from Ms. Porzig, Marwat's Teacher

"Marwat has never let her academics waver even amidst challenges of immigrating to the US from Yemen and attending a Title I school in East Oakland. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school thus far. Bilingual in Arabic and English, while still learning academic English, Marwat always challenges herself and selects the more rigorous choice when given a range of options in terms of difficulty.

Marwat has proved her leadership skills in many different domains. She is actively supporting our student leadership team to join forces with a district-wide youth leadership council, All City Council. She is a dynamic leader on our school volleyball team and a pivotal member of the Muslim student organization, raising awareness of Islamic culture at school. Additionally, she works with her family to provide Middle Eastern lunches weekly to all staff at our school. In so many ways, Marwat is the kind of student who consistently displays the importance and necessity of student voice and action.

Marwat's critical thinking skills, empathy and passion for social justice, coupled with her impressive self-discipline, will certainly guide her work throughout her years of education and whatever career she chooses. A joy to have in class, always bringing her courageous and generous spirit even on a gloomy day, Marwat is the kind of student teachers dream of working with. Any program would be lucky to have her."

Campaign Activity
Marwat posted an update
September 18
It was Amazing!

This past summer was amazing!

If it weren't for Wishbone, I would have never realized how important it is to spend your summer productively. I not only got to experience UC Berkeley's campus and all the good food out there, but I really got ahead with my chemistry class!

I had fun and every day I would meet new people wither, it was through ATDP or just hanging out at Berkeley!

All I can say is that this summer was Amazing!

Marwat posted an update
August 11
I became a nerd this summer!

Looking back at my amazing adventure at UC Berkeley all I could say is, I am inspired! As you already know I was taking two classes: Intro to Chemistry and Public Speaking. I learned so much from both of the classes!

For intro to chemistry, I learned that there are different types of Radioactive decay. The three major nuclear decays are alpha, beta, and gamma. Those three taught me how radioactivity can have important uses in chemistry. I learned so much about transitional metals and how they aren't quite the same as metals. My head was filled with chemistry knowledge, and I enjoyed increasing the knowledge every day of the program!

For Public Speaking, I learned things that I never thought would make a difference in speaking. I learned that tone can be a very important tool when talking to your audience. I also learned that it's not your story that will catch the audience's attention, but how you present the story will keep your audience hooked for life.

Other than learning so much, I got to meet so many cool people! I learned that ATDP students came from all around California just to take these classes! That inspired me to remember anything is possible!

All in all this summer was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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