Monica has applied to attend Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Skyline High School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2016!
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Monica's Story

My passion is exploring.

As a kid, I was never really interested in video games and such. Instead, I would enjoy being outdoors. I would find interest in the beauty of nature. All the bugs and insects really fascinated me, and no, I would not try to kill them for scientific studies. As children of the 21st century, we mostly stay cooped in our homes, never really going out of our way to get out in the open skies.

If I were to attend Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward, I would be able to explore parts of nature I have not yet explored. Attending this summer program would broaden my perspective of the world and would (hopefully) teach me how to incorporate educational/life skills into my interests and passion. Because we would be navigating on the seas, we would be able to encounter different kinds of life and would be learning navigating skills. While exploring, it is important to know how to observe your surroundings. Through Camp SEA, I would learn how to better enjoy exploring the world.

A Note from Mrs. Kasai, Monica's Teacher

"Monica is an ideal candidate for Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward because she is an adventurer at heart but does not have the resources or family means to go on many adventures. Monica loves the outdoors, science, and learning which is the trifecta for going on this voyage! With the exposure and experience she gains she will be able to better focus on her future. It will help her determine which education and career path to follow. I have no doubt that Monica will be a success in life, but having the opportunity to go on this voyage will be an experience that will change her life."

Campaign Activity
Monica posted an update
June 7

This summer, I will be able to attend the CampSEA Lab Voyage, and I'm highly anticipating it!
I'm excited at the thought of being able to being able to be an explorer of the high seas, like a eye-patch wearing, parrot bearing pirate.
Like most students, I feel like school is very constricting, and it has been compared to being detained on multiple occasions. Being able to learn about something other than the common school-orientated subjects is very thought-provoking. We'll be learning about navigation and studying about sea creatures and everything! Very exciting, I have to say.
I'm interested as to see what I would be able to gain from this summer experience and how I could incorporate the skills I've obtained from attending this camp into my day-to-day life.
And have I mentioned this will be my first time camping? Yes, it will be my first time being away from everyone that I know, and I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces and learning about their own ambitions and goals.
I have a good feeling about this summer, and hope for it to come sooner rather than later.

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May 9
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May your adventure launch you towards a great career, Blessings!

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Open your eyes to a new world and new opportunities; enjoy every moment. So pleased to join in celebrating your initiative.

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