Alejandro has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Lighthouse Community Charter High School
Oakland, California
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Alejandro's Story

My passion is soccer.

I discovered my passion at 5 years old. My parents love the sport of soccer so they would take me everyday to practice and I found my passion for soccer. Ever since then I would play soccer on teams and in school almost daily. Soccer has taught me how to both win and lose well. This sport is very competitive and that's one of the most enjoyable parts. Secondly, I'm happy to say that I've made a second family from soccer. They are the people I can go to with any problem or issue and they always have my back. When I am stressed or need time to take my mind off things, soccer is always there for me. This is why I am deeply connected to the sport of soccer. I know that soccer will be a life long passion for me.

Attending US Sports Nike Soccer Camps will develop my love for and dedication to the sport. Firstly, it will give me a chance to actually practice my soccer skills. I hope to develop new techniques such as better ball control, better passing and learning new plays on the field. I want to get new advice and perspective on my playing. This will help me with my next season in high school. Secondly, I hope to connect with other people who share my passion for soccer. We will be able to talk about plays and shared experiences. Not only will this be enjoyable, but it will connect me to people who might not be like me or be where I'm from, but who have a similar passion in their lives.

A Note from Ms. Handte, Alejandro's Coach

US Sports Nike Soccer Camps will help take Alex skills to the next level. Also exposing him to different style of coaching and learning.This camp will show him the skill level of others and the importance of keeping up with ones skill and learning more about the game. This opportunity will also help keep him focused and busy during summer.

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Alejandro posted an update
June 1
How will I be prepared for this and how excited I am to participate

I am very excited to attend this program. Mostly because this will have me being productive during the summer. Also, I will feel like I'm playing in college because I'm going to be staying overnight. I will be preparing by trying to get in shape before I start this program because I know that it's going to involve a lot of running. I will have my cleats and everything else I need which is all the soccer equipment.

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Because you are you and work hard for what you want, here's a little help for you along the way.
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You got this!!!

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I support your passion for soccer! Keep up the great work at school and continue to follow your dreams!
-Tia Mari

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