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Liberal Arts
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
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Angela's Story

I discovered my passion for medicine when I was 10 years old. When my family members would talk about how good the medical field is, it inspired me to try to become a doctor myself. Doctors are leaders, and I believe I’m a leader too. I always ask good questions whenever they need to be asked, which leads me to the most thorough conclusion. In my perception, this is what doctors do on a daily basis. They ask questions that lead to the diagnosis and treatment options for patients. My questioning will lead me to be successful in this field.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program will give me more knowledge on the medical field. I will have more experience and learn new pathways I can possibly take in the future. It will expose me to others my age who have similar interests as me, and I could learn new things from them too. It could increase my background knowledge on medicine, which will better prepare me for healthcare classes in the future, both in high school and beyond.

A Note from Ms. Rodrigue, Angela's Teacher

Angela is a good candidate for UConn Pre-College Summer Program because this is her dream job. This will allow her to master elementary practices that will get her ahead of the game when she gets into medical school needing to know these practices like the back of your hand. Angela will benefit from participating because she will have a lot of background knowledge moving forward and it will allow her to see what parts of the medical field she likes the best and which she would like to focus on. She thinks that neurosurgery is her passion now, but being exposed to certain other jobs might sway her in a different direction!

Campaign Activity
Angela posted an update
August 24
After the Pre-Med program

Attending to the Pre-Med program made me realize that I really do have a passion for the medical field. The program also let you experience what college life is. You get to make life time friends. Going to this program made me love medicine even more. And I thank everyone who helped me attend to the Pre-Med program.

Angela posted an update
May 17
Excited To Learn About Human Pathology

I'm really excited to be attending to the Pre-Med; Exploring the medical field. In the program, I'm going to learn about Human Pathology. In human pathology, I will learn more about chemistry which is a class I will be taking next year. In human pathology, I will also learn about the tissue and fluids which are really cool. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to explore all these amazing things.

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April 19
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April 19

Good luck and enjoy your experience

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Buena suerte que tus sueños sea realidad

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