Elizabeth has applied to attend Centenary Summer Scholars this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Uncommon North Star Academy (Lincoln Park High School)
Newark, New Jersey
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$1,245 raised
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Elizabeth's Story

My passion is law. I discovered my passion for law when I watched many Law & Order shows growing up. Although, I discovered my passion for law through watching these shows, I knew it was my true passion when I saw tragedies happen before my eyes. I am black, I am a woman, and I live in Newark, NJ. Some people in this country who will read just those three things about me may have already underestimated me. They may have underestimated my intelligence due to the color of my skin. They may have underestimated my demeanor due to me living in Newark. They may have underestimated my skills just for being a woman. Well, there are many advantages to being underestimated. So how did I discover my passion for Law? I discovered my passion for Law when I took those advantages and let it give me a voice to speak up. Attending Centenary Summer Scholars will make my summer very beneficial because I am doing something that I love.

A Note from Mr. Aljayeh, Elizabeth's Teacher

Elizabeth's zeal for acquiring knowledge and achieving success is what makes her a good candidate for Centenary Summer Scholars. Her work ethic and drive distinguishes her from the rest of her peers. She gives it her best no matter what and this is in my opinion a characteristic of a successful individual. She will bring this and more to her summer at Centenary Summer Scholars.

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Success! Mr. Aljayeh helped Elizabeth raise $1,245
April 27
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March 12
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February 1