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Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Tatianna's Story

My passion is basketball.

When I was little, my oldest sister used to take me to her school, where she would play basketball and I would sit and admire her technique and skills. One day, she actually let me practice with her, and even though I was only about two feet tall, it was an experience I would remember forever.

In middle school, the first basketball team was created and I knew that it was my chance to actually get start started on my dream of making it to the WNBA. Even though my middle school team never made it to the championship games, my sister encouraged me by telling me that everyone "starts from the bottom." Taking this into consideration, I used the summer before high school to practice by myself and with older boys in order to improve.

Attending Nike Basketball Camp will help me satisfy my drive to improve the skills that will help me in college basketball. By attending this program and getting help with skills that are necessities of the sport, scouts may look at me as someone who is determined, even though I did not come from a school that has a high profile in basketball.

A Note from Ms. Miller, Tatianna's Teacher

"Tatianna truly deserves the opportunity to be a part of Wishbone and attend the Nike Basketball Camps. She embodies Wishbone’s core values, as a student who has overcome personal struggles, often creating her own path when one does not currently exist in order to pursue her passion. The Nike Basketball Camps will open doors to Tatianna, allowing her access to opportunities she currently does not have. She is an immensely talented player, but as a young school, she has not had access to division I college basketball scouts or public recognition in the news. This program will not only hone her basketball skill, it will inspire and motivate her to feel optimistic about the opportunities that the future holds for her."

Campaign Activity
Tatianna posted an update
August 11
Nike Basketball Camp Experience

First, I want to thank every single one of my donors for allowing me to attend this program. Nike Basketball Camp was actually an amazing experience where I had fun and actually met some friends from Pennsylvania. This camp also taught me some new things that, even though I have been playing basketball forever, I hadn't known until I attended this camp.

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June 18
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February 11