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Donaldo's Story

My passion is soccer.

I have been raised by fieldworkers, who had to wake up every morning before the sun rose above the horizon to pick tomatoes and corn to provide for their families. Neither of my parents were ever given the chance to play soccer, yet growing up I have always been fascinated by the sport. Ultimately, I started to practice at a young age what would became my passion. I started to play at the age of seven in a local league in a nearby park. I was the captain on my middle school soccer team my eighth grade year, and currently, I am part of my high school’s varsity team.

Attending Nike Soccer Camp will help me grow as a soccer player, and I will also expand my knowledge of the game itself. Soccer, like many other sports, is not only about skill and conditioning; one must learn about the structure of the game. Beside those beneficial factors that I will gain at this program, I will also improve my self-esteem and confidence. I will learn to trust others and myself on and off the pitch.

A Note from Ms. Ross, Donaldo's Teacher

"Donaldo is one of the most motivated and hard-working students I have ever taught. His thirst for knowledge and passion for helping others have led him to much success, as he constantly seeks out extra opportunities and readily shares his knowledge with others. During his seventh grade year, Donaldo started a school guitar club, welcoming students from all grades to learn the basics of the instrument. Without an experienced guitar player on the school's staff, Donaldo took on teaching the entire club himself. He secured instruments, and worked diligently and patiently with the students. At his eighth grade graduation, Donaldo won the Warrior Award, an award given each year to the eighth grader who has exemplified the school values throughout their time at EHS.

Donaldo has been playing soccer since he was very young, and during his sixth grade year, earned a spot on the school soccer team typically reserved for seventh and eighth graders. He was consistently a top performer on the team and always encouraged his teammates to excel. Donaldo is a strong athlete who would benefit greatly from a program that will help him further develop his skills."

Campaign Activity
Donaldo posted an update
August 17
Fun at Nike Soccer camp

During my time at the Nike Soccer camp at Sacred Heart University, I learned a lot about the game in a more strategic and technical point of view. I definitely improved on my skill set, fitness, and grew as a teammate. I am very excited to take all of this new knowledge and apply it to my high school team in the fall. Along with all the soccer, I also had the opportunity to meet many new kids who, like me, have a great passion for soccer. There were kids who came all the way from Florida to the camp. I realized then how lucky I was to be part of the camp. Everyone at the camp had their own point of view on soccer. Sharing all the knowledge among us, benefited us all. We all learned from each other on and off the pitch. There were kids of all ages, we all had conversations about school and gave one another advice on how to handle the college admission or high school admission process.
Waking up at 7 am every morning and going to sleep at around 11 pm, by the latest, helped me get into a healthy habit. At camp they also taught us the right things to be eating and their proportions. I am going to take all of these habits on with me for the rest of the summer.

Donaldo posted an update
June 23
Nike Soccer Camp

I will be attending the Nike Soccer Camp at Sacred Heart University this summer, from the end of July to the beginning of August. I am very excited to participate in this camp from and cannot wait. I chose this program because I am very passionate about soccer. Soccer has been a big part of my life, and joining this camp will help me grow as a player and teammate. I am expecting to receive help from my coaches and teammates as well as give positive feedback. I am very excited to meet new people and potentially remain good friends with them. Additionally, I am excited for all the new skills and experience I will gain at the camp.

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