Jose has applied to attend Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Fordham High School for the Arts
New York, NY
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Jose's Story

My passion is cooking.

Cooking happens to be a big part of my families culture and I've taken part in helping every now and then throughout my life. My mom and grandma happen to be very good at cooking and I've wanted to get as good as them when it comes to cooking since I enjoy food a lot. I've been taught that you have to be able to cook in order to make living on your own. I cannot eat fast food for the rest of my life, so being able to cook will help me a lot.

A Note from Ms. Blalock, Jose's Teacher

Jose is a great candidate for the Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program, for he already exemplifies the fundamental level of discipline and interests needed to ensure the most out of the experience. The fact that he is pursuing this passion on his own, outside of school, is within itself a challenging tasks. Jose possesses a combination of ambition and resourcefulness, which would allow him to handle the level of rigor the Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program will require. Through this opportunity, Jose will be able to put his skill with the necessary knowledge to truly get the most out of the culinary arts. We will come to understand and appreciate what it means to work hard, set priorities while holding himself accountable to the expectations set by the program. Jose will come out an even better leader for he will have a vision and grown passion for his place in the culinary arts. The confidence that this builds will allow him to lead others and to support them with their passions.

Campaign Activity
Jose posted an update
August 30
My experience

Attending the "Sur La table" cooking class was a great way to hone my skills as a cook. I learned new skills to use in the kitchen and i was able to add that to how I do things at home and teach my mom things here and there . I appreciate those who helped me along the way .

Jose posted an update
May 3
Wishbone update

I want to thank everyone who helped me fundraise for my campaign, it was a huge help. Now I am able to attention the program I desired thanks to all those who helped me. I am very appreciative due to that. I hope to be having a really great time at my program this summer and share information about it to those interested.

Success! Ms. Blalock helped Jose raise $395
April 18
marisol fernandez donated $100
April 18

are you go..

Anonymous donated $20
April 17
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April 16
Ana Ingold donated $25
April 16

So proud of you Jose. Keep up the hard work. Love you!

ygnacio fernandez donated $80
April 16

tu papa tu tio roma y tu abuela y tu tia aldagisa te queromos mucho q dio te cuide sige adelante q va bien

ygnacio fernandez donated $25
April 16
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March 28
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March 28
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February 1