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Environmental & Outdoors
Animo Pat Brown Charter High School
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on April 30th, 2018!
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Anndrea's Story

My passion is environmental conservation. While watching a documentary on National Geographic about the polar ice caps melting catastrophically quick due to global warming & pollution, I was shocked at the hardship of the animals that was a result of this scientific phenomenon. Upon further research of this topic, I began to acknowledge my surroundings that I once ignored. How animals around the world are mistreated, due to poor actions of human society. Ultimately, the lack of relevance of environmental conservation in our government worries me, which only encourages me to spread change that can revolutionize society as we know.

Attending SEACAMP will give me a new experience and allow me to learn new things. It will also extend my knowledge of conservation. This program will not only give me an amazing opportunity to see firsthand action in conservation, but will also enlighten me on a new subject and expose me to astonishing new curriculum I've never had before. With this experience, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of ecosystems, an organism's life, and conservation efforts.

A Note from Ms. Brown, Anndrea's Mentor

Anndrea is a bundle of energy, passion, and enthusiasm who has already begun to make her mark on this world! A true Renaissance woman, she is curious about everything, from creative writing to animals to community service, but what unifies all of her interests is a passion for exploration beyond the boundaries of her school and neighborhood. Throughout her high school years, Anndrea has been committed to finding experiences that broaden her horizons, and the SEACAMP program will help introduce her to marine science and to the ecology of the southernmost part of California, which she has never before visited.

Campaign Activity
Anndrea posted an update
August 30

This summer program was phenomenal! I learned so much at SEACAMP in their hands on program, from the snorkeling, boogie boarding, paddle boarding and fish labs, SEACAMP was so fun & taught me so much. I made new friends who were so kind and I want to thank all who helped get me there. Thank you so much for one of the best weeks of my life!

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April 30
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April 26

You better continued in the rode that you are in do not detour and exit were you are not supposed to. As long as that happens we will always have your back. With that said have fun and we love you very much. CARMEN AND RUBY

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Love you babe

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April 24

Proud of you, as always, and the initiative you’ve taken to explore the world!

kenia murillo donated $20
April 23

every time i see Anndrea , She receives me with a huge smile !! I want to always see her smile and I love seeing her scratch off her list as many times possible ! YOU GOT IT ANNDREA

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