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Aimee's Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to draw and create things myself. When I was talking to my grandma about school, she asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I told her about my interests in drawing and crafts. My grandma suggested that I look more into architecture, and when I researched, my passion grew. Especially when she told me about modeling houses and creating blueprint drawings.

What makes me more excited about my passion for architecture is being able to learn more about it and improving my skills, because personal growth is important to me. When I pursue my passion for architecture, I feel as if I can express myself fully. For example, when I work on big projects that I am assigned, I feel that I use my potential to the fullest and can see the product of my work.

If I start exploring architecture now, I am getting a head start on my future aspiration to become an architect. The Academic Talent Development Program is one step to start exploring and practicing what I want to do in the future. The courses are rigorous and at a college level, which will push me to do my best.

Neither of my parents are college graduates, but they push me to attain my educational and career goals. As a new Wishbone student, I want to show teachers and my peers that I am standing up for my family by being the first to graduate college. I want to prove that despite adversity, I could become educated.

A Note from , Aimee's Teacher

From the beginning of the school year, Aimee has shared her dream of becoming an architect. She has shown special interest in gaining mastery in Geometry because of her passion for studying architecture. I believe that Aimee would greatly benefit from the ATDP program because it would provide for her deeper level insight into the field of architecture and for her to better plan for her future career. She is also very passionate about reaching her dream career and think that this would help her to get started on her journey.

Aimee begins everyday with a big smile and greets adults and peers with the same consistent positive attitude. In terms of attitude and behavior, Aimee is exceptional. She stands out from her peers to me because she will not allow the negativity of others or the difficulty of tasks ahead to alter her expectations for herself. In terms of mathematic abilities, Aimee has a good foundation, but may sometimes struggle with new Geometry concepts when they are first introduced. However, she is patient with herself and does not give up and continues to work hard so that she will be successful.

Aimee is a very focused student. Unlike many students her age, she knows that she has to work hard now and that she will have time to relax and enjoy later. Even during holidays, Aimee has shared with me that she is busy with her school work because she desires to be the first one in her family to go through college. She has great passion to make herself and her family proud, and to start a wonderful legacy for other members of her family.

Aimee is also very responsible. She listens carefully to instructions and makes sure to follow through thoroughly, and never forgets her homework assignments. She also follows procedures in the classroom smoothly and in a timely manner out of respect for her teachers and also her peers. She never complains about work and also carries a ready disposition for any consequences that may follow decisions that she is responsible for making.

Campaign Activity
Aimee posted an update
February 24
New discoveries in architecture at UC Berkeley

I studied Architectural Design at the ATDP program at UC Berkeley. My first day at the program was fun because I got to meet other students that were into the same things as me. The building my classes were in was very complicated but I did bump into my teacher that morning and got to class right on time! I felt prepared and ready for the class but I did feel nervous because it was my first time in the program. 
During the first day, we got to know a lot about my instructor, Ms.Ewart, and her experience in Architecture school.  Later that day I got to know more about the UC Berkeley campus to know how I can get to and from my morning classes.         Overall, my first day at the ADTP program went well for me. I felt very confident in myself because I knew that the first day went smoothly, but I knew that the challenges were going to come more into the summer. So, I set goals for myself and what I needed to do to be successful in this class. My five goals were: 1) To come to my classes on time because I lived in Fremont 2) Eat a good breakfast 3) Ask many questions to Ms.Ewart when I didn't understand something 4) Don't rush through my homework; start on time and complete it well 5) Get enough rest. I set these five goals for myself because I really cared about doing well in this class and I want to make sure I'm doing the right things for my habit of learning.   A typical day at the program would be to come to class at 8 a.m with drawings or sketches ready to share and explain to the class. Then, the instructor would talk to you or the class about how you did on them and what you could improve on. My instructor would talk to every student in the class about their drawings. We would compliment and observe everyone’s drawings because we worked very hard on them.       In addition, on Mondays or Wednesday my instructor  would walk the class over to the  Wurster Hall to watch and take notes on architectural lectures. The lectures were very interesting and helpful for me because I could see how architects think. We would also visit the Architectural Library to study buildings. There was so much to discover in the architectural library!
The type of things I learned were how to hand-draw Plans, Sections, and 3-D drawings with an Architectural ruler, trace paper, T-square, and how to use appropriate leads for each drawing I did. It did take me time to get used to how to use the Architectural ruler, but I did get better at using it. For my final project, I had to create a model with the right measurements that were on my drawings. The model took me about 3 hours to finish because I had to make sure I cut the chipboard correctly with the right measurements. 

My favorite thing to do at the program was to go to a great place on the UC Berkeley campus and practice my sketching skills by looking at specific details. This was the fun part of my experience because we got to get out of the classroom to get fresh air and just sketch away! 

My presentation of the case study assignment impacted me because I felt that I can be an architect one day because of all the work and compliments I received from an Architecture student and the professor. It gave me more hope and confidence in what I really want to do in the future. 

Aimee posted an update
February 24
Thank you

I'm writing to thank you for the support you have given me. Your time and support have made my dreams come true. Thank you for watching my video and seeing how I'm succeeding through this program and through education. Once again, thank you so much!

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