johnathan has applied to attend CCA Pre-College Program this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 1st, 2017!
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johnathan's Story

My passion is art.

I feel a strong passion for art, and ever since I was young I wanted to draw and make art. Most of my works incorporate fan art and things that sometimes are and are not original. Most of the time I tend to make jokes into my drawings; commentary on politics or to poke fun at serious topics, which helps me to look lighter at a topic that can lead to depression of some sort.

The reason I want to attend a summer program like CCA is to improve what I do and how I draw and how I look at things that may take a serious turn. One of my best comics that I made was one that shows Hitler trying to invade Russia and Stalin gives him a big smack on the face and says; “don’t you remember how Napoleon did?” I feel that comic could be improved upon with more training and experience. I have a dream of making animation, comics, short stories and I want to see them come to life.

A Note from Ms. Morris, johnathan's Teacher

Johnathan is a very creative person who needs to be around like-minded individuals. He is really trying to figure out his place in the world and what his dreams and goals are and how he can make them happen. He is also a student who could benefit from some higher level art training and discussion.

Campaign Activity
johnathan posted an update
May 9
CCA Summer Program

I thank you all who funded me for this program. I am inter-stellar that I get to attend CCA in the summer and hopefully better my knowledge of animation and art. This will change me forever!

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my best
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May 1
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