Rosario has applied to attend US Performing Arts Digital Film this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on May 14th, 2018!
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Rosario's Story

My passion is telling stories. When I was about eight years old, I would pretend that I had my own little show and write out small "scripts". I started to ask for diary-type notebooks; I would write about simple things like my day or little stories I imagined. I love to write about fiction based on things that I've seen and give it a sort of twist.

Attending US Performing Arts Digital Film would help me pursue my passion by teaching me a new style of telling stories: digital film. Having an opportunity to work with a group of film makers would help me develop my creativity and confidence. This program would give me a chance to explore the college experience and develop new perspectives.

A Note from Ms. Simental, Rosario's Teacher

Rosario is a great candidate for US Performing Arts Digital Film because her ability to adapt to new environments is great. Rosario has this mindset that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. I have never seen Rosario give up, and she is a great candidate because she has attributes and qualities that will benefit the program and herself as well. She will be able to develop her hard-working skills, multi-tasking skills, persistence and dedication to her studies. She will also benefit from developing and learning new skills that will allow her to bring back to her academics at Collegiate Charter High School. Having Rosario in this new environment will open new doors for her to different techniques and worlds that will benefit her as a person and to her academics.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Simental helped Rosario raise $1,750
May 14
Anonymous donated $200
May 14
Angelica Felix donated $200
May 14

Congratulations mamas. Love Ninos

Marcia Villasenor donated $178
May 14

Congratulations, so proud of you beautiful!

Steve Orozco donated $208
May 12

¡Eso mero, la chayis!

Cecilia Rodriguez donated $20
May 12

Congratulations Chayo!

Margarita Garnica Coss donated $20
May 12

Felicidades Chayito! Un fuerte abrazo desde Morelia!

Juan Hernandez donated $75
May 11

Didn’t know you were a filmmaker, that’s awesome! Best of luck with your fundraiser!

Michael Allen donated $25
May 11

Good luck!

Sandy Barajas donated $100
May 11

Good luck Chayo! Reach for the starts! We love you!!!

Ilianna Rivera donated $25
May 11

Yey Rosario! Don’t know if you know but Sophie’s dad is actually a film major at Los Angeles film school. Almost gonna graduates you could totally get tips and tricks from him :)

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