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Jessica's Story

My passion is learning about life through traveling.

I'm excited by visiting new places, learning about different cultures, and seeing other people who live a life different than mine. I love to travel because it makes me realize the world is beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure. When I travel, I get to experience life’s problems, pleasures, and rise above my personal bubble to become a better person. I learn more about myself and expand my horizons every time I travel.

By attending the Experiment in International Living, I hope to develop my understanding of the world and discover more about myself and other people. I want to learn to be independent and live life away from my family and push myself out of my comfort zone. I intend to meet new people from other cultures to improve my interpersonal skills. This program would allow me to fulfill my dream of exploring another culture.

A Note from Ms. Jamil, Jessica's Teacher

"Having Jessica in my U.S. history class has been a true pleasure. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and incredibly hard working. She came into my class with a positive attitude and a growth mindset. She struggles as an English learner at times, but never lets that be a limitation. In fact, she uses that struggle as an even greater motivation to excel.

Jessica's growth mindset is not limited to academics. Hearing her talk about her experience moving to the United States from the Philippines, it is clear that the move profoundly impacted her life and has molded her into an exceptionally empathetic young woman. Having the opportunity to travel through Wishbone and Experiment in International Living will offer Jessica a means to pursue her beautiful passion for learning about the world."

Campaign Activity
Jessica posted an update
June 30
My Journey to Korea

Fear and excitement wrap my heart as I anticipate the day of my travel to Korea. One of the biggest fears I hold is the fear of leaving my family behind. Of course, I will miss them. However, I have to embrace a new exciting life as I learn lots of new things along the way. Above all the other great programs out there, I chose the Experiment in International Living because it gives me an opportunity to go to Korea, and I'm a big fan of Kpop and Korean drama. This program won't just guide me to explore the Korean culture, it will help me learn more about myself as I set myself out of my comfort zone. For example, the journey of getting lost in a land where English is not spoken puts different emotions in me. I look forward to understanding the Korean language and culture. I really want to put myself out there and be not afraid to explore. This day is just the beginning of a thrilling adventure that has a lasting impact on my life.

Getting my carry on bag ready
Getting my carry on bag ready
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April 21

Miss Jessica,
You have been such a lovely addition to my art classroom. You are focused, driven and have such a passion for your academics. I have been blown away by your talent for drawing and painting and I know you will do great things! I am so excited to see how much you learn from this amazing opportunity.

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April 20

I am so inspired by how smart and determined you are. I hope you can get to experience this trip and that it gives you a better understanding of life by traveling to Korea. Good luck!

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Jessica you are a very caring and helpful young lady. You are kind and patient when helping students work out a math problem. I know that you will do your best to accomplish what you set out to do. Jessica, you are a great addition to our LPS family. Good luck now and in your future.

Stephen Osborne donated $25
April 3

Hi Jessica, we've worked together a bit in your English class, particularly on your persuasive speech. I really enjoyed that time we worked on your speech because I could tell that you were passionate about your topic (animals) and well-informed on it. Traveling the world has expanded my world. I hope the same happens for you!

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