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Science & Medicine
Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on April 20th, 2016!
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Monzerrat's Story

My passion is medicine, helping others.

I discovered these passions by seeing others help. When I saw that others would help others when the person didn't even know them I would say that I would want to be like that. I also discovered this passion by seeing how my parents would help others and tell me when I was little that Doctors would save a lot of people and they would be appreciated. Knowing that a doctor could be so appreciated and could save many lives made me become passionate about medicine. When I got to 7th and 8th grade I would try to get to programs about medicine and helping others. I wanted to volunteer at hospitals and see how life was like as a doctor. Ever since I visited a hospital and saw how doctors changed lives made me passionate about helping others and medicine.

A Note from Mr. Weintraub, Monzerrat's Counselor

Mondze has explored her passion for medicine by diving deeply into our science classes at school. She is an excellent student who not only completes high quality work of own work, but someone who helps her classmates better understand the material. This penchant for assisting others, at school and at home (where she is the oldest of three siblings) is another way in which Mondze has pursued her interest in becoming a health care provider.

This is a unique opportunity for young people anywhere, but especially for those of limited means, like Mondze. I think this exposure, both to the medical profession and to a more diverse learning environment, would be a life-changing experience for her.

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