Lizette has applied to attend Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Leadership Public School Oakland R&D
Oakland, California
Successfully funded on May 10th, 2018!
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Lizette's Story

My passions are business and animals.

I love doing business. I like especially like the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). I love this role because I have experienced this role before in business. I get the opportunity to attend an awesome program called Build. Build is program where you get to experience how to be a entrepreneur and how to ask investors for money to start off your business. When I get older, I hope to have my own business: an attraction with marine animals. This would combine my two passions in life.

Attending Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast will help me learn more about the sea and the animals within it. I hope to give thorough and hands-on training to my employees, and in order to do so, I must gain the proper knowledge about the animals myself. I like being out in the ocean because the water helps me clear my mind up.

A Note from Ms. Irizarry, Lizette's Mentor

Lizette is extremely driven and motivated and truly wants to take advantage of any opportunities she can. I think she would benefit from having this experience at Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast because it will allow her to experience something new, so that she can realize how many more opportunities are out there for her.

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Lizette posted an update
May 25
Update/Thank You

Hello I want to thank my parents for donating and asking their friends if they want to help and make this happen. I am excited to make new friends and explore out in the sea. Also to see what I can learn about myself.

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