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Technology & Engineering
Animo College Prep Academy
Los Angeles, California
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Arthur's Story

My passion is engineering. When I was in the 8th grade, my STEM teacher sparked my interest for engineering. He taught with a passion that evoked everybody to participate. Through his STEM class we built CO2 cars, Mouse Trap Cars, and Air Rockets, in the short span of 2 months. Learning how to implement my love for math into something I built with my bare hands was the best thing any teacher could have done for me. Although I had to move away with my family, I will never forget where my passion of engineering came from, which is why I am part of my school’s first robotics team in Watts, appropriately named TeraWatts. I hope to encourage future students of color to pursue careers even if the odds are against them.

iD Tech Camp at UCLA will help me pursue my passion for engineering, through its rich hands on curriculum that will show me what it truly means to be an engineer. iD Tech Camp will give me the opportunity to work alongside engineers and socialize with others students who have similar interests to my own. By allowing me to interact with engineers and other fellow students, I will be able to pick their brains about the reasons as to what led them to pursue engineering.

A Note from Mrs. Iqbal-Zubair, Arthur's Teacher

Arthur will be the perfect candidate for iD Tech Camp for a number of reasons. For one, Arthur has a clear aptitude for Math and Science and has also communicated to me and other teachers and mentors his passion for engineering. More than this however, Arthur is probably one of the most mature teenagers I have worked with- he knows what he wants to achieve and goes after it with all his heart and mind; because of this, I know if given a great opportunity like this program, he will truly benefit and (like a sponge) absorb everything he can to further his passion. Arthur will also benefit by meeting other like-minded students and mentors who, I know, will inspire him to continue on the path towards college and a bright future.

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