Arysel has applied to attend ABADA-Capoeira Bronx (ACBX) this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Arysel's Story

Arysel is a student leader and determined young woman looking for an “outside of the box” opportunity, and believes that ABADA-Capoeira Bronx (ACBX) and their capoeira program will provide it.

Campaign Activity
Arysel posted an update
November 8
Learning Capoeira and Its History

My first day was on a Saturday - it was exciting. I wore loose comfy exercising clothes. I honestly did not know what to expect at all. This was all very new to me, because I have never done something like Capoeira. I came in to watch the little kids, just so I could get a sense of what it was like for my age group. It was fascinating to see little kids doing these moves. I couldn't wait to try it myself.

After attending this program, I learned the basic moves of Capoeira. Everything I was taught was interesting. It was all so new and I loved it. Most of all, I got to learn the roots and history of where this martial arts came from. For example, Capoeira was practiced by slaves. I never imagined that it had such a rich history. This program has made me brighter in many ways.

Success! Arysel's campaign raised $990
August 21
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August 21
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