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Marielena's Story

My passion is acting.

I discovered my passion for acting when I was little. Growing up, my sister made up a game. You play the game by closing your eyes for ten seconds, open them again, and then act as a whole different person. There was a time when my sister and I came home from school and started playing the game. We just played for hours nonstop until one of our parents called us for dinner. All I could remember is how much I wanted to keep going. Playing this game while growing up made me realize how much fun it is to act and most importantly, how much acting made me feel alive and made me feel like I belong.

Attending the US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera will help me pursue my passion for acting because it will teach me more about how to be a professional actor. The program will help me overcome my shyness and make me grow more on how to act in front of a large audience with cameras around. I also think that this summer program will make my passion for acting stronger because it will help me learn more about what being an actor takes and how to be the best actor you can be.

A Note from Michael de Sousa, Marielena's Counselor

Being able to participate in a the performing arts program like US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera will provide Marielena with experiences that will broaden her understanding of acting as well as a lens on the experiences that young people with more economic privilege experience. More importantly, I believe Marielena will help the young people learn from her own perspective and experiences. I am confident that Marielena will be powerful addition to US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera.

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Follow your dreams, but always stay true to who you are.

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