Julia has applied to attend NSLC Nursing this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 22nd, 2018!
Fully funded!
$3,195 raised
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Julia's Story

My passion for nursing started when I took the Medical Careers 1 course in my sophomore year of high school. This was by far my favorite class all year and I averaged a 96 in that class. Considering this was my favorite class, I decided to take the Medical Careers 2 class my junior year. I am in this class right now and we go to a clinical setting every other Monday. Going to clinical is one of the things I look forward to every week. After the first couple of clinical sessions, I discovered I have a passion for nursing and learning about the medical field in general.

Attending NSLC Nursing will further educate me in the large topic of nursing. I feel that this program will put me ahead of the game regarding college. I would have more background experience as well. This would be a great opportunity to really get a grasp of what nursing actually is and how the nursing world operates. I would really love to learn more about nursing and medicine as much as I can. My dream is to pursue a career of being a nurse practitioner and I feel this program will help me significantly in pursuing my dream.

A Note from Ms. Gonyea, Julia's Coach

If it is something that Julia loves, she will go above and beyond what is required. I think when she sets her mind to do something, nothing can stop her. In the medical field, I think we need more individuals with characteristics like Julia. Attending NSLC Nursing will allow Julia to develop the necessary skillsets to further pursue her career in the medical field.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Gonyea helped Julia raise $3,195
March 22
Henry and Linda Schwass donated $66
March 22

Jules, hope this meets your goal. So proud of you!!! Best wishes on your endeavors. We love you.

John and Amahlyn Johndrow donated $200
March 22

We are so very proud of you. A nursing career was extremely rewarding for me and I know you have the selflessness, dedication and love within you to be the best.

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Cecilia M Schwass donated $250
March 21

Sent with lots of love, Bubbe.

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Robert & Anne misner donated $500
March 21

We love you and are so proud of you .

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Eric Schwass donated $100
March 21

Go get ‘em, kid

Dalio Foundation matched this donation with $100

Kirsten Misner donated $150
March 21

So proud of you Jules! And I know you will make the most of this opportunity!! xxoo Mom and Dad

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Student Contribution donated $99
March 19
National Student Leadership Conference
National Student Leadership Conference donated $630
March 19
Ms. Gonyea started this campaign
March 19
Julia was accepted into Wishbone!
February 2