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Amanda's Story

My passion is storytelling.

Attending ETC Sea to Source Adventure will encourage me to share my experience with others. Storytelling comes into place to describe the imagery and the story of what has happened throughout one's experience. The way a person writes or tell their story is significant because it elicits more intensity and emotion in the audience. This program will further inspire me to talk about my own experience and mend it into a fascinating story that I can share with friends and family. One's personal experience is one of the many ways that relate to writing and storytelling, suggesting that ETC Sea to Source Adventure will be exciting. Through this program, I can discover more of myself, make friends and develop leadership skills. Overall, this program will be a new inspiration for stories!

A Note from Mr. Mendribil, Amanda's Teacher

Amanda is not afraid to push herself towards potentially frightening experiences as she is always looking inspiration to express herself. Her recent application for an international travel scholarship to study French abroad will not only propel her commitment to world cultures but offer her opportunities to share her personal journey through prose. Amanda has told me that in college she wishes to pursue writing while continuing to develop her language skills in English and French. She has told me that her recent international travel experiences have changed her and she is exploring ways to articulate these experiences through writing. Participating in an experiential program, where she can connect with nature, culture, and ideas, such as the ETC Sea to Source Adventure can provide, will allow her to connect with herself. It is at this point she will continue the cultivation of personal expression through writing as she seeks to creatively share her personal growth with others.

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Amanda posted an update
August 30
Appreciating Nature

Throughout my trip I had faced challenges, but have striven past and achieved them with the help of my friends, leaders and guides I have gotten to know over these past three weeks in July. I appreciate the wildlife and bioluminescence in Tomales Bay, the potpourri of flowers while backpacking and the unwavering strength of the South Fork American River. Nature's beauty is shared to all and we must continue to keep the environment healthy and pristine with respect, care and responsibility. A memorable moment that stood out to me was learning how to guide the raft with different types of strokes along the river with the help of the river guides. Teamwork and communication is essential to go through the river too. Overall, I hope to continue and discover more of these newfound skills as a leader and raise awareness about our environment by being eco-friendly.

Thank you so much for making this unforgettable adventure happen for me this summer. I wouldn't have been able to discover a new passion for kayaking, rafting, backpacking and developing a much more intimate relationship with nature. I am also very grateful to have met all the amazing, unique and diverse people on this trip.

sea kayaking
sea kayaking
whitewater rafting
whitewater rafting
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