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Krestan's Story

Having lived in the same apartment for so long, Krestan wants to explore a new environment with new people to inspire her fiction writing. This year her wish can be fulfilled at Skidmore College’s Summer Program for fiction writers.

Campaign Activity
Krestan posted an update
August 28
Loving the College Lifestyle

At Skidmore, I studied Introduction to Religion and Introduction to Sociology. A typical day at my program started with waking up at 9:00 to catch breakfast with my friends before my first class; I would later meet up with them for lunch around 12:20 then go to my class at 1:15. After class, I was free to do pretty much anything including homework, a quick Walmart run, or have dinner/frozen yogurt in town.

My favorite thing to do was hang out with my friends and explore the college lifestyle. It's tricky trying to get used to all the freedom, but you soon learn that there are a lot of fun things to do! I especially loved going into town because we constantly met new people and there was a quiet, small-town vibe that I could never get in the city.

Attending this program made me want to pursue a history of religion class in the future because it was so interesting learning about a variety of religions and comparing them to one another. I also realized that a small college is more fun than I thought it would be and I am now looking at colleges like Skidmore to apply to.

Krestan posted an update
June 18
Embracing New Ideas

At Skidmore, I want to hone my writing skills to help me become more successful. I’m excited to meet new people and embrace the new ideas that I’ll learn as I collaborate with them. This program will help me get ready for college as I learn people-skills that will be very important to me later. One goal I have for myself is to learn to balance my independence with my coursework to set good habits and make sure that I don’t procrastinate in the future. My final goal is to create a group of short stories that I can be proud of.

Success! Krestan's campaign raised $2,200
April 21
Tim Ranzetta donated $130
April 21


Enjoy your summer program at Skidmore!

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April 20
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April 12

Go Krestan!!!!!!

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April 10
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March 26
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March 18

Krestan, Your program sounds very exciting! You'll love Skidmore ! Best of luck!

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March 14
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March 13
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March 13

Hey fellow Brooklynite! Really hoping that the Skidmore Pre-College Program will be an amazing experience. Looking forward to reading your publications ;)