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Liberal Arts
NYC Museum School
New York City, New York
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Kayla's Story

My passion is psychology. Growing up, psychology has always been something I was interested in. My mom would talk about psychology a lot because she wanted to be a psychiatrist. I would watch shows like Criminal Minds and be fascinated by how much information the team was able to obtain by simply getting into the mind of a killer. Being able to see something from someone else's perspective is a skill that is essential to life and I would love to develop. Besides watching television, psychology is very present in my social life. My friends and teammates always find it easy to speak to me; I enjoy giving advice and being able to help them. This curiosity in the human thought process has never gone away, and I will always wonder why thought processes differ from person to person.

Centenary Summer Scholars not only exposes me to the topic of psychology, but college life as well. The program will teach me the basics of psychology. It will also expose me to the different ways of thinking people may have due to emotional or mental disturbances. All of these skills I can keep and use in my everyday life and potential future career.

A Note from Ms. Skirianos, Kayla's Counselor

Kayla is academically strong and very dedicated to being a successful student. In addition, Kayla is also the vice-president of Museum School and a member of the girls varsity basketball team. Even with these wonderful achievements, there is more out there for Kayla. Centenary Summer Scholars is an amazing opportunity for Kayla to be exposed to new things and broaden her horizons. Kayla has demonstrated her success through a strong work ethic and enormous dedication to her interests. I'd like to see her explore other options as she moves through her high school and college career and this program will do just that.

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Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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your a wonderful person,.strong minded with great intentions always willing to help other,.stay focused and achieve all of your goals.

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Good luck and happy learning 🙏

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You are a special niece and I want you follow your dreams don’t let anyone tell you can not succeed in what you want to do. Take to the limit love you much auntie Janet

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